Like many of you, there was a period in my life where I was really unhealthy. I didn’t look very healthy and I definitely didn’t feel very healthy: Pre-diabetic, cholesterol rising, inflamed gall bladder, daily allergies and sinus issues, stressed, and closely facing 200lbs. To top it off, I felt miserable; but, could not muster up the motivation to consistently do something about it. I was always starting and quitting. I couldn’t believe it. I was becoming a woman I said I would never become…a middle-aged overweight woman who looks tired. Yeah, that was me for almost 2 years.

Watching late night TV and channel surfing, I came across the P90X infomercial. It caught my eye because it reminded me of the athletic workouts I did when I was an athlete in school. Being honest, for a minute I felt as though I was be sucked in by an infomercial. Needless to say, I ordered it.  I was desperate. Besides, I thought, what I was doing was not working. So, if I didn’t see any results, I had 30 days to return it.

Fast forward 100 days later, I was down 45 lbs. and had taken over 12” off my body. At first, the journey was not easy. Like everyone else I was faced with opportunities mixed with constraints and challenges called living life.

The first week was the absolute hardest! In the P90x exercise guide, Tony Horton talks about the challenges I would face. He says, “Embrace the struggle.” I kept telling myself that during my workouts and sweat-soaked shirts.  But, never once did I think about giving up. Really, I felt like falling out. But, not giving up. The support from the online Team BeachBody Community was awesome!

The progress I made didn’t stop after the first 100 days. Each day and each month I have grown and I am still growing. I have kept the weight off for over 4 years. I’ve ran 2 half marathons. I love being outside playing sports, especially Tennis and Golf. I eat a plant-based, low-fat, wholefood vegan diet. Go figure, even after the first 100 days I would have never thought I could go without meat.

Making the decision to lead a healthy lifestyle has opened so many doors for me because I changed and grew as a person. I am now the woman I’ve always wanted to be.

The last couple of years, I have received many compliments. Folks wanting to know what I am doing. I tell them. They’re response, “Wow that’s so hard!”  When you connect healthy daily habits of eating clean and exercising to how you want to live the rest of your days and your purpose in life,  it becomes a lot easier to make a commitment to eating healthy and exercising.

What I have learned and what I am living: Once you make a commitment to lead a healthy life style. You must act; even if, you’re not 100% sure how. This is what I did. It wasn’t easy or pretty. But, I did ACT. You don’t have to use P90X. We have lots of fitness programs for you to choose.

My goal is to provide you with the fitness and nutrition support to help you develop healthy daily habits that will support longevity and a quality of life.  The goal:  To help you keep your best days in front of you!   To help me do this, I have partnered with Team Beachbody and PCRM (Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine).  This partnership enables me to offer you best in class workouts, and nutrition programs with proven results.

P.S. YOU CAN DO THIS. As your fitness and nutrition coach, I will support you. But, you have to make a decision to commit. Myself along with my Team of coaches will provide you with:

A Proven Fitness Regimen + Nutrition + Support + Rewards.

With this formula, your courage and commitment, your only option is SUCCESS!

Have you reached the point of frustration with yourself?  Or do you want to take your health and fitness journey to the next level? I’d love to hear from you. Please tell me what your goals and challenges are and why you are ready and want to change.

Also, I am always looking for people to join my Coaching team, especially if you are a person who loves life, practices what you preach, enjoys inspiring others, and, have an attitude where giving up is not an option, let’s talk to see how you can achieve your goals by helping others achieve theirs.

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