Transformation Tuesday – Baby At 46, 22 Pounds Gone & Feeling Like WONDER WOMAN!

I noticed my sister losing weight. My sister was my inspiration.”

Thats when Theresa decided to participate in an upcoming challenge group. Her sister set up everything for her too. She came to Theresa’s house and set her up on Beachbody and choose her challenge pack. But Theresa thought that it was too expensive and then her husband gave her a $100 bill and said: “You can’t afford not to do it”.

Previously a professional dancer now teaching instructor, Theresa felt conscious about her weight and would cover herself well. She says she was fit all her life. After having a baby at age 46 and then menopause setting in her early 50’s, her weight piled on.

“I was tired a lot and had too many aches and pains, couldn’t sleep at night, was uncomfortable in my clothing. I just wasn’t happy with myself!!!!!!”


Theresa says she would crack jokes and try to justify her weight. But after just a few days of 21 Day Fix and Shakeology, she was hooked, seeing results right away. She says that she was sleeping all night again!

Being age 55 Theresa indicted she appreciates the modifications that she needed for certain exercises due to old dance injuries. Beachbody is doable for anyone who doesn’t have too many physical limitations said, Theresa.

Theresa also won $1000! She says she has more energy, color in her face, her mental health and clarity improved and she feels pretty again. She’s also proud of her healthier choices in food and how much more educated she is with food on the market. The support she received from the challenge group she joined helped her every day. She won 2 of the 3 mini challenges in her first challenge group and won 1 in the second round.

“I feel great, I feel pretty again and all my foot pain and other body aches and pains a woman at my age usually gets went away!”


Today’s Special!