Transformation Tuesday – Beachbody Helps Dad Lose Weight and Reunite with Daughter

  Keith says seeing his daughter in a Beachbody infomercial was the kick he needed to get into shape. He hadn’t seen his daughter Kailin in more than 12 years. Then he saw her in the last place he’d expect: on TV, talking about her radical weight-loss transformation in a Beachbody infomercial for Body Beast. Shortly after seeing Kailin… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – All Time High and All Time Low

    Mari started her Beachbody journey in February of 2016 after her youngest of four children returned back to college after Christmas break. After being a stay-at-home mom for 24 years, Mari says she was confused with what her new role in life would be. She was also her highest in weight and an… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – His Body Started to Break Down

  Growing up Joseph says that he typically ate whatever and whenever. But he started piling on the weight. Joseph put on about 50 pounds since he started a new job where he sat at a desk all day. “And my body started to break down. I started having back, knee, and ankle problems. I… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – She Feels Like An Athlete Again

  Susan was an athlete when she was younger.   But as time went on, she focused on her family and put her own health to the side. She stopped working out and started eating unhealthy.       Susan gained weight. Her highest weight 222 pounds.         It wasn’t until Susan… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – Putting Others Well-Being Before Her Own

Before starting this program, Tamara says that as a wife and working mom of three kids she always put other’s well-being before her own. Tamara was not healthy and had seriously gained a lot of weight. So much weight that she dreaded trying on clothes when she needed to purchase a dress. “I would often… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – Firming Up & Having Fun With It

Over 20 years ago Robyn fell in love with weightlifting. Her friends considered her to be the perfect example of a healthy individual. But in 2004 Robyn’s son was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. That’s when her son became her priority and her own health took a back seat. When Robyn’s son health began… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – He Was In A Head On Collision & Paralyzed But That Didn’t Stop Him

He was in a head on collision with a drunk driver speeding at 60 miles per hour. He was in a coma and once he woke up he couldn’t remember who he was, his family or any of his friends. He was paralyzed on his right side, cracked both knees and was told that his… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – He Feels Like He Can Live Forever

                    According to Brent before he started P90X, he didn’t really feel that “out of shape”. He says that he was lifting weights, playing softball and riding a bicycle. However, he had hereditary high cholesterol and worn out meniscus in both his knees. “I wanted to… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – She Had To Also Change Her Mindset

Before starting 21 Day Fix, Angie says that she had a very unhealthy habit of eating too much sugar. “It was a vicious cycle!” She says that the more sugar she ate, the more she craved it. Angie’s energy level was low, she was having headaches, and she says she was at her all time… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – Focus = Success

Michael has known about Beachbody for years and from 2008 until 2010 he used the P90X program. However, he never thought he reached his full fitness potential during that time. In February 2015, he decided to take his fitness seriously since he was not happy with the way he felt inside and the way he… Read more