Transformation Tuesday – He Isn’t Going To Let Life Pass Him By

Before Jim found Beachbody he says that he was slowly killing himself and he didn’t even know it. According to Jim he ate too much, drank too much and exercised too little. Jim says he fooled himself into thinking that he was healthier than he really was, that the extra pounds of fat that he… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – In 4 Months 57 Year Old Sees Results

“I dropped from a size 16 pants to a size 8, and shirt size XL to a S / M & won $1500.00” Barbara had very low self-esteem because of the weight she gained. She gained 30 pounds in a year. She also wasn’t able to fit in her clothes and it made her feel… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – She Has A Disability

Jill is unable to walk without a CRO Walker which is a boot that comes to her knee. She says that she had always been heavy but her weight increased more. In pain all the time, Jill couldn’t walk from her living room to the bathroom without getting winded. She depended on her electric scooter… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – A Feeling of Strength that’s So Empowering

Sue age 48, lost 54 lbs and won $1,000 and you can do it too! Before Beachbody, Sue had hit an all time low in her life. So sad, she said she hated herself. Susan says she was physically so unhealthy. She couldn’t walk 100 yards without feeling winded and out of breath, it was… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – Super Hero Dad

Miserable, stressed, depressed, hating life Jason said he was losing his sense of purpose, negativity was taking over. He felt that he was a terrible husband and destroying his marriage for the second time. He shared that he was not present with his children, blaming others and playing victim to his circumstances that didn’t go… Read more

Tranformaiton Tuesday – His New Life

Rich was lucky enough to Learn Tae Kwon Do at an early age. Little did he know that his instructions were planting a healthy lifestyle seed. Unfortunately, Rich says that the seed remained dormant from his early 20’s into his 40’s. He just didn’t care about his health and ate things just because they were… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – It Was All Up to Lisa

Lisa Lost 7″ off her waist and quit smoking after 40 years and won $26,000!!   Back in 2010 Lisa says that her weight was increasing and her activities and confidence level was decreasing. She was starting to feel very alone and depressed. Lisa didn’t want to leave the house let alone put on anything other… Read more

Transformation Tuesday – Tracking Her Progress

Susan lost 118 lbs, dropped 11 dress sizes & won $1000! Susan weighed 240 pounds and says she struggled with chronic back, knee, and foot pain. She stated that she always loved to swim, and thought that swimming was keeping her in good enough shape to help care for her disabled father and elderly mother…. Read more

Transformation Tuesday – Breaking a Vicious Cycle

Stacee lost 70 lbs and combined with the weight her mother lost, it was a total of 175 pounds! Before starting Beachbody, Stacee was tired, sluggish, unmotivated, and miserable with her body image. She felt she was in a vicious cycle of eating and sleeping, had no self-esteem or energy to play with her kids…. Read more

Transformation Tuesday – Everything Is Different

“Almost two years ago I weighed just over 244 pounds, was on three blood pressure medications, and I lacked energy to do anything after work.” Heartburn was a constant issue stated George. So he started with nutrition, and walking his dog on his weight loss journey. Wanting to live life, and enjoy it George took… Read more