Transformation Tuesday – He Feels Like He Can Live Forever












According to Brent before he started P90X, he didn’t really feel that “out of shape”. He says that he was lifting weights, playing softball and riding a bicycle. However, he had hereditary high cholesterol and worn out meniscus in both his knees.

“I wanted to preserve my knees and be able to play softball for a few more years. My son asked when he could start playing softball on my adult team and if I would still be playing then…really tugged at my heart..I said YES , I will still be playing.”

Brent said his constant swollen knees and high cholesterol encouraged him to start P90X and eat a healthy diet. He took off the extra weight that was wearing on his knees and he was able to ditch the un-loader knee brace he had to wear after his surgery. But his greatest joy, as a result of starting P90X was being able to play softball on the same team as his son.

“P90X2 took me to another level and helped sculpt my genetic problem areas (waist, love handles) and P90X3 defined my abs and built more muscle (at 53 years old !!)”

Brent lost a little over 30 lbs, lowered his cholesterol from around 350 down to 180 and won $1,000! He also developed a six pack at 53 years old and is most proud of that.


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