Transformation Tuesday – Lori Lost 73 LBS and 4″ Off Her Waist

Lori shouted, “I feel fantastic right now at 50 years old!” Predisposed to high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol Lori says she was able to find the key to ending her yoyo dieting. Having suffered from obesity her entire life and being put on what she calls the “fat girl” program in the military, Lori found it hard to keep her cholesterol down without taking medication. Constantly exercising she still found it difficult to lose weight and get rid of her stomach.

“So, working out to Rockin Body, Insanity, Asylum and P90X gave me a new lease on fitness.”


She called herself a gym rat stuck in a the same routine that lasted over 15 years.

Lori didn’t see any result either.   LoriB-BeforeClothes

Getting rid of the body fat was a concern for Lori. She would lose weight but would repeatedly say that she was big or had the “big girl” genes. It wasn’t until she began using Beachbody that she began seeing results.

Being disqualified from the military and struggling in basic training also were some of the experiences that inspired Lori to begin her transformation journey. Some of her other greatest challenges before starting the Beachbody program was being prescribed a “Blood type Diet” for 3 years (2011, 2012 and 2013).

She feels this diet is what skyrocketed her cholesterol. 

Lori lost 16 lbs and her cholesterol dropped 55 points from 247 to 192 while doing the Ultimate Reset. This was an achievement after having celebrated her 50th birthday and asking the doctor for 6 months to work on decreasing her cholesterol numbers.

“My life has changed tremendously. Oh my gosh! … I am in the best shape of my life… My spirit, soul and body are whole…”


 Her life has changed so much that she made a commitment and started a  campaign called “Stamp out the Obesity Rankings” in Louisiana. Through  Beachbody she has also started a fit club called “End the Trend”. Lori said  she is well on her way to helping others. Participating with the Team Swarm  Rising Phoenix and challenge group lead by her coach Gregg Bird she was  able to stay motivated and empowered.

 A combination of Beachbody Fitness, Shakeology, the other supplements  and lastly the Ultimate  Reset allowed Lori’s cholesterol to go down and helped her feel better than she ever has.

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