Woman' s feet on bathroom scale


Did you know that 80% of success in achieving a healthy weight and body is proper nutrition.

Why is it so hard to eat healthy?  Daily habits, food addictions, and stress are some of the biggest instigators.  I know this personally and so does my team.  Good nutrition is JOB 1; without it you spend a lot of money on health care (sooner or later), suffer and die.

I know we all have different aspirations in life.  But, the one thing all of us want to always have our best days in front of us, to keep our independence, and to enjoy life.  Sounds like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Along with this, some of us really do want to look good too, me included. Just say’n….


So, let us help you take the big deal out of good nutrition, and turn it into something you just do.

We have some really great options.  You can use our customized meal planner, attend our PCRM classes within the community or through your company’s employee wellness program, or do-it-yourself through the 21-day jumpstart.

One more thing; yes, I am vegan.  Yes, I wish we all were.  No, I do not expect you to be exactly like me.  Yes, I will encourage you to eat less meat, dairy, and sugar and eat more veggies, fruit, legumes (aka beans), healthy whole grains, and drinks lots of water.  No, I do not expect you to give up great taste or starve.  Yes, I expect you to get real results!