No more guessing on what foods you should eat or the amount!  The customized meal plan is offered through our Team Beachbody® Club membership. The meal plans are customized based upon your goals (lose a lot of weight/some weight, change your body shape, gain weight and/or muscle), current activity level, how often you will be exercising, vegetarian/or not, height/weight, and male/female.  Your cost, only costs $2.99/wk. The menu will include Breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with 2 snacks.

Wait there’s more! Along with your weekly customized menu, you will get fresh recipes, and a shopping list.  You will have the ability to swap out a menu item you do not like and exclude some foods you may be allergic to or that don’t agree with you.  You will have the ability supersize dinner to cook for your family or make extras for leftovers.

Did I mention that you will get a 10% on all your purchases you make from me when you sign-up for the Club membership, customized meals.  This includes fitness programs (i.e. P90x3, Brazil Butt Lift, Focus T25….), Shakeology, nutritional products, and equipment!

Note: While my preference is to have everyone eat low-fat, plant-based whole foods, I know that everyone is not ready to make a full commitment at once. I will encourage you to consume the majority of vegetables, legumes, grains and fruits, using very little to no dairy and meats (including fish, shellfish, and poultry). When you do this, you will improve your health along with accomplishing your weight loss goals). The meal plan wizard does include vegetarian options.

Plan Tada! Each week, you will be provided with a meal plan tailored to you and your goals, tasty recipes, and a shopping list to printout or access online.
Shop The shopping list is based upon your weekly menu.  You only shop for what you need during the week. Helps you save money and keeps you from buying junk food.
Eat Bon Appe’tit!  Prepare, eat, and enjoy a home cooked meal.