Transformation Tuesday – She Had To Also Change Her Mindset

Before starting 21 Day Fix, Angie says that she had a very unhealthy habit of eating too much sugar. “It was a vicious cycle!” She says that the more sugar she ate, the more she craved it. Angie’s energy level was low, she was having headaches, and she says she was at her all time heaviest weight.


“I was a bully…to myself. I spoke such terrible words to myself that if I said those words to anyone else, they would never want to be my friend.”

But Angie finally made the commitment to change. She kept seeing her friends share their Beachbody success on Facebook, and so she decided to give it a try. Prior to starting Beachbody, Angie said that she didn’t believe in herself. But going through some personal development Angie had an aha moment.  She became aware that she needed to change her mindset. But losing weight didn’t help Angie gain her confidence or love herself, she says she had to kick self-doubt out of her head and do something out of her comfort zone.   

“I couldn’t even accept compliments from my husband because I felt so bad about myself.”

To help with her motivation Angie surrounded herself with people on Instagram and joined Facebook groups who were doing the 21 Day Fix program. She says that this support was such a big part of her success. Having a group of people who are working towards the same goal as you is helpful. There were times when she was thinking of skipping her daily workout, but in the back of her mind she knew the participants in her group had done theirs, so she did too.

“In the last year I have lost 75 pounds with 21 Day Fix, Body Combat, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Insanity Max 30, and PiYo.”


Losing over 75 pounds with Beachbody programs and winning $1000 makes her proud, buying a size 4/6 instead of size 18 felt amazing, but she is especially grateful that she found her self-confidence! She wore a bikini bathing suit without a cover up while on vacation, which she never had the confidence to do before. Angie says that her relationships improved also. She is a better mom to her kids and no longer has to make excuses why they can’t go to the pool or play outside and she accepts compliments from her husband without hesitation.

“Completing the program was such an accomplishment, and I’m happy to say my mindset has made a major transformation!”


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