Single Dad Kicks High Blood Pressure and Says Goodbye To CPAP Machine

47-year-old Bryant was exhausted. A single father, raising a special needs teenage son alone. Bryant worked as an IT professional, which meant he was at a desk and keyboard for long hours every day. At the end of the work day, fast-food was a way to alleviate having to make dinner.

This is how a bad habit starts, it’s an attempt to relieve stress in our lives. But we don’t get relief. We get more stress.

Soon, the weight piled on for Bryant. With that weight came high blood pressure and sleep issues.  Doctors put him on medications to lower his blood pressure and issued him a CPAP machine for his newly developed sleep apnea.

Bryant topped the scale at 244 pounds. He was sick. He had to make a tough choice. Keep going on the path he had started towards a future of medical conditions and weight gain, or replace the bad habits with better ones to reclaim his health?

He chose hope.

This Single Dad Lost 57 Pounds with T25 and MAX 30 The Team Beachbody Blog


After 4 months of using the Focus T25 program, Shakeology, and setting higher nutrition standards for himself. Bryant lost 57 pounds. He lost some other things as well; his blood pressure medications and his CPAP machine. He no longer needed them!

Bryant’s story is not unique. It happens every single day when people make a decision and a commitment to change.  It’s a hard journey, but it leads to a life of freedom, and you don’t have to make the journey alone.

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