Transformation Tuesday – Cerebral Palsy Limits His Mobility


“I feel like a new man. Losing the amount of weight and inches (79 lbs. and 39 inches) that I have has given me a new lease on life.”

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Kevin’s wife Tara had been using Beachbody programs for 2 years, and she was always encouraging him to begin his own journey. He hadn’t worked out in 20 years.

But he wasn’t ready.

He couldn’t believe that he was fast approaching 300 pounds. Kevin would ask himself, how could he be a role model for my kids in the shape I was in and how could he expect them to do things the healthy way?

Kevin was on blood pressure meds, unhappy with the way he looked and felt. He says he gave many excuses of how he no time or he couldn’t lift because of his Cerebral Palsy.

After going to the doctor to get a physical, Kevin found out that he was possibly pre-diabetic. Instead of getting prescribed medicine, he wanted to work on losing weight and change his eating habits. After that doctor visit Kevin joined his wife on her journey of working out and eating healthier.

“I am very fortunate that my training partner, and Coach, is my wife Tara.”

No longer worried about being pre-diabetic, Kevin is also off blood pressure medicine and he has more energy determination, motivation and confidence. Kevin also won $2000!

“I feel healthier each day but the achievement that I am proud of is not the ones I just mentioned, but others telling me how much my dedication, drive, and results have inspired them.”


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