Transformation Tuesday – Firming Up & Having Fun With It

Over 20 years ago Robyn fell in love with weightlifting. Her friends considered her to be the perfect example of a healthy individual. But in 2004 Robyn’s son was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. That’s when her son became her priority and her own health took a back seat. When Robyn’s son health began to improve, she realized that she had no motivation to return to exercising. She continued to gain weight.
Going to the gym and looking at workout videos were not that appealing either. Robyn purchased P90X for her son but she decided to try it out for herself. Robyn stated that after the first P90X workout she became hooked! She says that she has reclaimed her former body, dropping off pounds and inches every week. Robyn had not run in years but says that she can run four miles. At 52, she says that she is in the best shape of her life thanks to hard work and Beachbody! Roby also won $1000!
Today’s Special!