Transformation Tuesday – He Isn’t Going To Let Life Pass Him By

Before Jim found Beachbody he says that he was slowly killing himself and he didn’t even know it. According to Jim he ate too much, drank too much and exercised too little. Jim says he fooled himself into thinking that he was healthier than he really was, that the extra pounds of fat that he was adding every year was no big deal and he was still healthy.

“That’s what I told myself because the truth just couldn’t be the truth.”

One weekend after being with friends, out on the boat, drinking beer, eating BBQ and just having a lot of fun, he noticed a strange dizziness. Jim said that his blood pressure had always been a little high so he took a reading. His blood pressure was 238/120! These kinds of numbers can lead to a stroke or heart attack said, Jim.  Scared and worried he told his wife to care for his 12-year-old Labrador if anything happened. He immediately started taking some supplements to lower his blood pressure.

However, that wasn’t enough and he knew he had to get control of his blood pressure. You see Jim’s, father passed away at 54 and Jim did not want the same path…an early death in his fifties. At that point, Jim decided to change his life. He began using P90X and loved the convenience of working out at home. He says there were “no excuses” because he had all the tools right there at home.

“I’m really proud of the overall result. I’m healthy, my body is lean and strong. I have a better body than I did in my 30’s, I have more energy and more physical ability than I had in my 20’s.”

Now, Jim spends his summers water skiing and wakeboarding! He says he isn’t going to let life pass him by just sitting on the couch and he isn’t going to let his age dictate what he can and can’t do. He also won $1000.00!

“I owe a lot to the wake-up call that Beachbody gave me. I guess I’m really proud that I took that call.”


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