Transformation Tuesday – He Was In A Head On Collision & Paralyzed But That Didn’t Stop Him

He was in a head on collision with a drunk driver speeding at 60 miles per hour. He was in a coma and once he woke up he couldn’t remember who he was, his family or any of his friends. He was paralyzed on his right side, cracked both knees and was told that his body was too badly damaged to function normally again.

But Matthew, didn’t let those variables stop him from working out and winning $1000 from Beachbody! Living with his mother so that she could take care of him all Matthew could do was eat, sleep and watch television. Mathew states that he was depressed and miserable. Having watched several Beachbody advertisements it made him want to work out again.

“I kept seeing advertisements for Beachbody workouts, which made me want to workout again, get back in shape, and get my old life back.”

Matthew was told by doctors that he could never lift weights again or work a job but he still didn’t let that stop him. He knew that he wouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed to work out because he was at home. With extreme pain and limited mobility, Matthew says his workouts were extremely low intensity. He did his best and slowly his joints started to get better and he began to gain his mobility.

“As my mobility improved so did my confidence, that’s when I started to see my life being returned to me. I started to regain my life back after the doctors had basically tried to convince me that my old life and lifestyle were gone forever; but not only did it return, it was improved because of the effort I put in to Beachbody’s workouts at home, and following their health and nutrition plans.”

Equipped with more confidence Matthew started to develop goals and strive to accomplish little things. As he started to meet his tiny goals, they began to grow bigger and bigger. He went from doctors telling him that he could never lift weights or exercise again to actually competing in the Strongest Man Alive contest and pulling semis and flipping 700 lb. tires! Matthew also credits the programs helping him to learn how to eat healthier.


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