Transformation Tuesday – His Body Started to Break Down


Growing up Joseph says that he typically ate whatever and whenever. But he started piling on the weight. Joseph put on about 50 pounds since he started a new job where he sat at a desk all day.

“And my body started to break down. I started having back, knee, and ankle problems. I had a hard time sleeping. I couldn’t play with my son outside.”

His main catalyst for his transformation was the last thing his grandfather said to him. Joseph’s grandfather said: “Wow, Joe, you have gotten really big” and repeated it multiple times during one of his visits.

Then he came across CIZE and that’s where his journey began.

Skeptical at first because he had tried other workouts with no luck. The first week of CIZE was difficult for Joseph and he often thought of quitting. But he says the routine was fun and he felt like he wasn’t working out.

Joseph lost 65 pounds, 10-plus inches off his waist, and went from a size 46 pants to a size 40.

“Beachbody has greatly changed my life in that it saved it.”

before after


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