Transformation Tuesday – Putting Others Well-Being Before Her Own

Before starting this program, Tamara says that as a wife and working mom of three kids she always put other’s well-being before her own. Tamara was not healthy and had seriously gained a lot of weight. So much weight that she dreaded trying on clothes when she needed to purchase a dress.

“I would often look in the mirror and ask myself, “How did I let myself go like this?”

She would avoid the mirror from time to time so she would have to ask herself “How did I let myself go like this”.

Her confidence was slowly fading and Tamara was highly disappointed in herself. Tamara’s mom suggested she follow her mom’s friend on Facebook. Reading and listening to this women’s story is when she made up her mind that she needed to do something. Soon she was working with a coach. Her coach helped Tamara through her fear of failure. She also was very encouraging and motivating and Tamara says she began to see changes taking place on the outside and inside.

“My confidence was soaring. I realized that I wanted this to become a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.”

Tamara lost approximately 54.2 pounds and 46 inches! She also won $1000! She loved the 30-minute workouts, Shakeology and the meal plans. Tamara said that the meal plan was not restrictive and she could still enjoy the foods she loved to eat!


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