Transformation Tuesday – Reversing His Condition

After Jeff retired from the United States Air Force in 2008, he says he didn’t have anyone telling him what to do in the area of fitness, and he let his body decline.

His weight shot up to 230 pounds.

“I felt hopeless for any chance of reversing my condition. I knew what I should do, but felt there was no way I could ever be able to start, maintain, or complete any weight-loss or exercise program.”

He felt his days were numbered. and says it made him sick to think that his 3-year-old daughter would grow up without her daddy.

Jeff says the probability that he might never see his daughter’s 18th birthday, and with his 50th birthday rapidly approaching, he was motivated to change his life. Jeff and his wife decided to take action! They found an accountability group, adopted a healthy eating plan, and made the life commitment to be healthy and fit as a team!

Finding motivation, having accountability, getting instruction, carving out time, and maintaining consistency was his greatest challenge.

“Reading other peoples’ success stories not only motivated me, but also inspired me to believe and have hope again.”


He found the accountability he needed in his Coach’s Challenge Group and Jeff and his wife used the Shakeology for an after workout reward. Jeff’s said that his Coach Tara, kept things “real”. He doesn’t think that he could have completed the program without his coach and team.

The P90 program kept Jeff engaged and helped him lose nearly 40 pounds and he also won a whopping $1000! He also developed a SIX-PACK! Something he had only thought possible in his dreams! With his confidence and stamina increasing, Jeff’s hope was restored. He felt that his health and fitness goals were realistic and achievable.

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