Transformation Tuesday – She Has A Disability

Jill is unable to walk without a CRO Walker which is a boot that comes to her knee. She says that she had always been heavy but her weight increased more. In pain all the time, Jill couldn’t walk from her living room to the bathroom without getting winded. She depended on her electric scooter to get around to almost everywhere she went. Jill did not feel good about herself or her situation. She was sick and tired of not being able to do things that others could do. Simple things like sitting in a chair were difficult so she decided to make a change.
“I decided even though I will always be disabled I don’t always have to be fat and in pain.”
Although it was not easy to move around daily because of her leg disability, Jill started the Beachbody program and modified the exercises when she needed too. She appreciated the portion control containers which helped her control her eating. She also enjoyed the 23 Day Fix and learning how to eat fresh whole foods instead and not fast convenience food.
“I have lost 142 pounds in 1 year and 9 months. I am no longer in pain. I can walk without getting winded. I even participated in two 5Ks.”
She never thought she would ever be able to take part in a 5K! Jill also purchased a swimsuit after 40 years of not owning one. She is able to buy and fit into clothes she could not before. Jill now goes places and does things she never thought she would be able to do. Before she would isolate herself.
Jill also credits her Beachbody Coach for her success and drinking shakeology. The shakeology drinks helped Jill not feel hungry and provided her the nutrients she needed throughout the day.
Jill also doesn’t need her scooter as much, won $1500 and she feels better about herself than she ever has!
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