Transformation Tuesday – Super Hero Dad

Miserable, stressed, depressed, hating life Jason said he was losing his sense of purpose, negativity was taking over. He felt that he was a terrible husband and destroying his marriage for the second time. He shared that he was not present with his children, blaming others and playing victim to his circumstances that didn’t go his way.

Then Jason found a picture in 2016 that his son drew when he was 8 years old. The image his son drew depicted Jason as the “superhero” Dad. He says that after the neglect he put his health/body through he learned from that picture, he needed to be a better role model for my kids, family, and friends.

“That 8-year-old piece of art sparked the decision to change my life!”

Jason’s greatest challenge was eliminating the negativity. He said that if you change your mind, it will change your life. His preferred workouts were strength training. Week after week Jason saw improvement in his conditioning and he was able to lift heavier weights.

I tracked everything to be darn sure I was making progress with each workout.”

Within 13 weeks Jason, 43 years old lost 29.5 lbs and won $1000. But he says the numbers he is most excited about were the 35 lbs of fat loss and 5.5 lbs of mass added! In 3 months, Jason went from 213 lbs and 23.6% body fat to 183.5 lbs and 8.4% body fat.

Jason noticed that discipline in other areas had begun to take shape including marriage, quality time with his kids and productive business practices. According to Jason, it’s kind of amazing to see how a physical and mental transformation with a fitness program can have such a profound change in your entire life.

“Ultimately, Body Beast requires a mindset to overcome challenges and push through to get winning results – as does life!”


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