Transformational Tuesday – Howard Needed A Change

Howard says that his BMI was at 40% and his physician was worried. Sitting around and eating or drinking to feel better was only making Howard grow larger. Having attempted P90X before, Howard said that he knew what to expect and his coach and long time friend welcomed him back with open arms and let him join a challenge group she was starting.

“I travel for work and allowed that to be one excuse for procrastinating.”


P90X was perfect for Howard. All the things he liked about his works outs was the motivation and humor from Tony Horton, short breaks, high intensity exercises and the stretching.  Howard’s coach provided a nutritional guide that he found very good.

A result of Howard’s efforts were being able to jump higher, lift heavier weights, and he achieved a flexibility he says he hasn’t had since he was an athlete in college.

“I lost 57 pounds total, 18” from my waist, 11“ off my hips and 6” off my chest. Including my arms and legs I lost 47” total. My body fat has dropped from 44% to 28%.”


Without statin drugs Howard’s total cholesterol dropped to 175 compared to 200 with statin drugs. His blood pressure lowered to 103/17 without blood pressure medication. Howard’s pulse is much lower also, dropping from 85 to 80 beats per minute. He does not have issues with constipation and he says that he no longer gets ravenously hungry.

“I am most proud I finished this program and I am thinking right about nutrition. I like the direction I am heading towards very good health the rest of my life.”

Besides the physical changes, Howard has plenty of energy throughout the day and he is sleeping the night through. He’s commented that he has such a better attitude about life! Even his family noticed a positive difference in him. Howard even won $1000 and is now a Beachbody Coach!


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