Workout Programs


Most people know that exercising is good for you.  Most people do not want to be out of shape.  Yet so many of us find it hard to make exercising a daily habit.   I believe there are a few instigators that make exercising so hard to do:

  • Most people believe you need to go to the gym.
  • Most people do not manage their time well.
  • Most people do not know what to do, really.
  • Most people are frustrated with past results.
  • Some African American Women do not want to mess up their hair (I UNDERSTAND all the reasons why. But, this has to change ladies. I can help you)

Fitness and physical activity means different things to each of us.  However there are some common denominators to acquire and maintain good physical condition as a daily habit:

  • A fitness regimen should be accessible regardless of your schedule or circumstances
  • You should exercise 5 to 6 days a week (This does not mean you have to be at the gym.).
  • A fitness regimen needs to include total body conditioning
  • Your workout needs to be challenging; yet doable for you.
  • You should enjoy it.
  • Everyone needs some form of support and accountability.

I have partnered with Team Beachbody to help make working out affordable and to help you easily achieve and maintain good physical condition as a daily habit. The major side effect, you’re gonna look and feel good:

Our fitness programs can be done anywhere, including the gym. If you travel a lot. If you have a crazy schedule, if you are not mobile, and if there’s bad weather.

  • Our workout deliver proven results. Check out ourBeachbody Challenge Winners!
  • Our workouts are structured and they will challenge you. You DO NOT have to think about what to do. Just push play.
  • Most of our programs have a 5 to 6 day schedules.
  • Most of our programs provide total body conditioning.
  • You select the program that fits your interest and current ability. Most of our workouts show modified moves…. There’s no excuses. Even in P90x, we have a one-legged man doing the workouts…For real!
  • Complimentary Coach support and accountability is available to you

 What can you expect from me as your coach?

If you make the decision to commit to your well-being through fitness and clean eating, as your coach I will do the following:

  • Provide daily tips, and videos specifically designed to help you get through the workout you are doing
  • Provide additional recipes
  • I will answer your questions
  • I will hold you accountable and encourage you.
  • I will give you what you put in. If you give 100%, I will give you 100%. If you give 10%, I will give you 10%.
  • The support will be given through a private Facebook Group with participants like you. The discussions will be on fitness and nutrition. This is a fun group. But, we take care of business.

What I expect from you

  • Follow and complete the weekly workout schedule for the program you are using
  • Follow the customized meal plan or the nutritional guide that comes with the workout program to fuel your body with the RIGHT foods
  • Use Shakeology
  • Check in daily with me and our private Facebook® Group; share what you accomplished for the day, how you are feeling, what’s working or not, and encourage others to reach their goals.
  • Complete the program you purchased
  • Set some goals, then demolish them!

Challenge Packs

The best way to purchase our fitness program is within a challenge packs.  You will save $50 up to $82 (savings vary based on fitness program). Our Challenge Packs offer the fitness program of your choice (for most programs), customized meal plans (Include shopping list, recipes, and vegetarian option), and complimentary coach support and accountability from me and my team of coaches

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